South Beaverton Pathfinders

August 3rd Session

Switching to a real brief format just to keep track of items.

Yarzoth items
—Pouch of Gems 2500gp total
—Three Crystals (Black, White, Gray) 500gp ea
—45pp, 302gp
—Potion of Water Breathing
—Scrolls x3 Augury, Comprehend Languages, Detect Scrying, Discren Lies, Heal Mount, Locate

Keph Items
—Spellbook (Vai)
—Quarterstaff +1
—Bead of Force
—Feather token, tree
—Glove of storing, Pass without trace potion x2 (Vai)
—Rod, Immovable (Vai)
—Deep Red Ioun Stone (Vai)
—Potions: Remove Blindness and Deafness
—Ring of Protection +1 (Vai doesn’t need)
—2 pearls (100gp ea)

Oogluk Items
—Heavy Shield
—Belt of Giant Strength +2 (Good for any character that needs strength, including Vai)
—Cleric Vestaments
—Pesh, doses x5
—Masterwork Cold Iron Heavy Mace
—Oil of Darkness
—Oil of Magic Stone
—Potions of Barkskin +5 x2
—Potions of CureMW x3
—Potion of Gaseous Form
—1200 gp of gems
—Ring of Counterspells
—Ring of Mind Shielding (Vai)
—Scimitar of Faith (Zafira)
—Serpent Armor, Ironwood +1 (Platemail)



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