South Beaverton Pathfinders

Into the Screaming Jungle

After defeating the dinosaur Aomak at the Lake of Vanishing Armies in the previous session, we proceeded to canoe upriver toward the Screaming Jungle. At the edge of the jungle we discovered the river opening up into a large pool at the base of a beautiful waterfall. Hippos swam lazily in the water and a trail switchbacked up the cliff to the jungle. A few of the more perceptive party members noticed a few of the local tribesman spying on us from the switch back and when we pointed them out, they yelled “Kill them!”

We did our best to not start a fight, but we only managed to convince them of our good intentions when we were attacked by their enemies, the Lizard Men. After dispatching them handily we told the tribesman a little of our quest and they led us back to their village. Vai overheard one of the tribesman muttering a fearful name and recognized it as Demonic. On further consultation with the village shaman, Vai learned that the Demon controlled a section of the river about five miles away. We also learned that a group from the Sargavan government had tried to enter the jungle but were killed by the tribesmen. We also learned that Zafira’s enemy, the one handed orc had been spotted and attacked by disappeared in the direction of Elider.

We ended the session getting attacked by a giant ape. When it was wounded a large shadowy demon shape arose from the corpse. All but our stalwart paladin, Vala, lost their shit and ran away.



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