South Beaverton Pathfinders

Through the Screaming Jungle

We began our session with our battle against Etumbu, the shadow demon. Most of us had panicked and ran away, but Vala and Lichessa held their ground. Vala called upon her faith to embue her blows with holy power and shrugged off lightning bolts and fireballs cast by the demon. The shadow crocodiles summoned by the demon attacked Athera and dragged her underwater. By the time Vala smote the demon, Athera was dead and in pieces. Vala read holy words from a scroll to bring her back from the dead.

Among the many dead bodies we found some treasure worth salvaging.

Masterwork Studded Leather x4
Masterwork Spear x3 (one to Glandor)
Masterwork Shortsword x3
Magical Bastard Sword (Vala)
Ring of Sustenance (Lichessa)

We continued on upriver, portaging our canoes around waterfalls and rapids. There was a long and heated discussion about using magical means to bypass these obstacles, but in the end we gutted it out the hard way.

A few days upriver, we came upon a pair of tracks leading out of the jungle, into the river and out the other side and into the jungle. One pair was shod in boots, clearly not something a native would wear, and the other was from a large troll. We debated following the tracks, which were hours old. The tracks were interesting, but they lead into the jungle, away from our route. In the end we continued up river.

A day or so later, we were portaging the canoes up a series of switchbacks to bypass a particularly large waterfall when a boulder came tumbling down the cliff face, knocking one of our canoes out of our hands. A party of Zenj at the top of the cliff were attacking. Lichessa tried to parlay, but they attacked. Vai enveloped most of them in a cloud of stinking vapors and one of them fell down a switchback while trying to escape. Olwe shadow stepped behind the leader and with one magical shocking blow, blew him down the cliff, killing him. Lichessa managed to charm another, who babbled something about “returning to the tomb” to warn “Jigek” of the approaching danger. The rest of the natives were easily dispatched as they couldn’t stop vomiting, thanks to Vai’s conjured cloud of nauseating murk.



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