Vai hasn’t given any of his backstory to the party and whatever Olwe knows he won’t tell. Here’s what you have observed (stuff I’m filling in, not stuff that has come out during play)

Vai is a an Elf.
Vai is pretty ugly. You have heard Olwe call him “Dwarf Face” a few times and he doesn’t seem to get annoyed.
His left eye is a milky white glass eye and there’s a large scar around that eye that must be responsible for Vai loosing that eye. Vai’s sight doesn’t seem to be impaired at all.
Vai makes disparaging comments about “stuck up, hoity toity” Elves. He thinks Glandor is okay, and Vala gets a pass for not being born that way.
He carries a hip flask and takes frequent swigs from it, but has never offered to share.
Olwe and Vai went to the same “Wizard School” but won’t disclose the name of the school or what it was like. They do like to reminisce about the “good old days” and have lots of stories of getting about into trouble.
Vai curses like a sailor (I would RP that but there are kids in the house).
Before joining the party Vai worked as “Ship’s Wizard” for Captain Kasata. Their professional relationship is more like that of a contractor than an employee in that he comes and goes as he pleases.
Vai is gruff, blunt and off-putting socially. He doesn’t seem to like anyone except Olwe and Capt. Kasata.



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