South Beaverton Pathfinders

Mercantile District Zigurat

We made our way to the top of the ziggurat and activated the spear but got attacked by some rogue skeletons. We beat them and got a magic coin.

Mercantile District

Last time we fought some chimeras and got some treasure. We found the corpse of a dead mage of the Aspsis Consortium. He had some notes about activating the ziggurat. Channeling positive energy should activate the spear?

The chimeras’ collected hoard is in the ruins; it consists of
gloves of arrow snaring
a potion of delay poison
a potion of water breathing
a gold goblet studded with turquoise worth 700gp
a flawless red glass orb worth 100gp
seven silver rings worth 50 gp each,
four amethysts worth 100 gp each,
five bloodstones worth 50 gp each,
15 pieces of malachite worth 10 gp each,
44 pp,
1,281 gp,
2,373 sp,
5,172 cp.

In addition, the remains of Edren Lekadnus, the Aspis Consortium, lie here where they fell after he ran afoul of the chimeras. The acid-burned skeleton still carries a satchel (actually a handy haversack) containing Edren’s spellbooks and a wand of daze monster (11 charges). The spellbooks are those of an 11th-level wizard; they are left for you to develop to fit the needs of your campaign, but should contain the fly spell.

Into the City

Our first encounter on entering the city was atop a dam. Clouds of stinking gas enveloped us and we were attacked by wights. Lishessa had a close call when she tried to teleport out of danger but was ambushed by clawed monkeys. We have seen zero evidence of monkeys and we are not sure if she’s telling us the truth about the source of her wounds.

After the dam we made our way across a bridge to the central complex of islands. The first island we came to had pillars covered in writing detailing the laws and records of cases. There was evidence in the case records of clandestine worship of Zura.

Setting Up Camp and Exploring

We spent several days setting up our camp defenses and capabilities. On our last day, before we were ready to set out we were attacked from the jungle. Lishessa talked them into coming in and having some food and drink and they told us how they came from another encampment run by the Aspsis Corporation. Two of the six joined our group but the other four went back because they were slaves.

The next day we set out to explore the city. We encountered an area of three pools. Deep wells in the limestone terrain leading to underground waterways. Near the pools were the bodies of the four mercenary slaves that left our camp the day before. We were attacked by swarms of undead army ants. The ants were controlled by the ghost Nareem. He ranted about discovering the city for the Pathfinders but never getting credit. We tried to fight him but Lishessa eventually convinced him we could get the Pathfinders to recognize his achievements.

3 Alchemist Fire bottles (Zai)
Caltrop Sets x2
Masterwork Chainshirts x2
+1 Scimitar
Comp. Short Bow +3 x2

Finding a Base Camp

We found some old buildings that looked like they might make a good base camp. While investigating a building we encountered a Gorilon. After defeating it we cleared some stairs and found some underground chambers.

Underground, we were attacked by Azlanti Wights. They drained some levels and used a fear effect to put some us in the shaken condition, but we won the day.

Master work javelin (serpent style design) (Zai)
Potion of Bear’s Endurance
Waterclock (776pg)
Adamantium Battle Axe (3010gp)
Potion of Jump (x2)
Fishing net, masterwork
Hand axe
sealing wax
290 gp (gems and jewels)
210 gp
5000 gp

August 24th, 2014

rejoined by Xai, Cassata, Sasha and others

attacked by Tigers outside Seventh Yhi
Zai and Vai almost taken down by tigers
got three tiger skins

August 3rd Session

Switching to a real brief format just to keep track of items.

Yarzoth items
—Pouch of Gems 2500gp total
—Three Crystals (Black, White, Gray) 500gp ea
—45pp, 302gp
—Potion of Water Breathing
—Scrolls x3 Augury, Comprehend Languages, Detect Scrying, Discren Lies, Heal Mount, Locate

Keph Items
—Spellbook (Vai)
—Quarterstaff +1
—Bead of Force
—Feather token, tree
—Glove of storing, Pass without trace potion x2 (Vai)
—Rod, Immovable (Vai)
—Deep Red Ioun Stone (Vai)
—Potions: Remove Blindness and Deafness
—Ring of Protection +1 (Vai doesn’t need)
—2 pearls (100gp ea)

Oogluk Items
—Heavy Shield
—Belt of Giant Strength +2 (Good for any character that needs strength, including Vai)
—Cleric Vestaments
—Pesh, doses x5
—Masterwork Cold Iron Heavy Mace
—Oil of Darkness
—Oil of Magic Stone
—Potions of Barkskin +5 x2
—Potions of CureMW x3
—Potion of Gaseous Form
—1200 gp of gems
—Ring of Counterspells
—Ring of Mind Shielding (Vai)
—Scimitar of Faith (Zafira)
—Serpent Armor, Ironwood +1 (Platemail)

Through the Screaming Jungle

We began our session with our battle against Etumbu, the shadow demon. Most of us had panicked and ran away, but Vala and Lichessa held their ground. Vala called upon her faith to embue her blows with holy power and shrugged off lightning bolts and fireballs cast by the demon. The shadow crocodiles summoned by the demon attacked Athera and dragged her underwater. By the time Vala smote the demon, Athera was dead and in pieces. Vala read holy words from a scroll to bring her back from the dead.

Among the many dead bodies we found some treasure worth salvaging.

Masterwork Studded Leather x4
Masterwork Spear x3 (one to Glandor)
Masterwork Shortsword x3
Magical Bastard Sword (Vala)
Ring of Sustenance (Lichessa)

We continued on upriver, portaging our canoes around waterfalls and rapids. There was a long and heated discussion about using magical means to bypass these obstacles, but in the end we gutted it out the hard way.

A few days upriver, we came upon a pair of tracks leading out of the jungle, into the river and out the other side and into the jungle. One pair was shod in boots, clearly not something a native would wear, and the other was from a large troll. We debated following the tracks, which were hours old. The tracks were interesting, but they lead into the jungle, away from our route. In the end we continued up river.

A day or so later, we were portaging the canoes up a series of switchbacks to bypass a particularly large waterfall when a boulder came tumbling down the cliff face, knocking one of our canoes out of our hands. A party of Zenj at the top of the cliff were attacking. Lichessa tried to parlay, but they attacked. Vai enveloped most of them in a cloud of stinking vapors and one of them fell down a switchback while trying to escape. Olwe shadow stepped behind the leader and with one magical shocking blow, blew him down the cliff, killing him. Lichessa managed to charm another, who babbled something about “returning to the tomb” to warn “Jigek” of the approaching danger. The rest of the natives were easily dispatched as they couldn’t stop vomiting, thanks to Vai’s conjured cloud of nauseating murk.

Into the Screaming Jungle

After defeating the dinosaur Aomak at the Lake of Vanishing Armies in the previous session, we proceeded to canoe upriver toward the Screaming Jungle. At the edge of the jungle we discovered the river opening up into a large pool at the base of a beautiful waterfall. Hippos swam lazily in the water and a trail switchbacked up the cliff to the jungle. A few of the more perceptive party members noticed a few of the local tribesman spying on us from the switch back and when we pointed them out, they yelled “Kill them!”

We did our best to not start a fight, but we only managed to convince them of our good intentions when we were attacked by their enemies, the Lizard Men. After dispatching them handily we told the tribesman a little of our quest and they led us back to their village. Vai overheard one of the tribesman muttering a fearful name and recognized it as Demonic. On further consultation with the village shaman, Vai learned that the Demon controlled a section of the river about five miles away. We also learned that a group from the Sargavan government had tried to enter the jungle but were killed by the tribesmen. We also learned that Zafira’s enemy, the one handed orc had been spotted and attacked by disappeared in the direction of Elider.

We ended the session getting attacked by a giant ape. When it was wounded a large shadowy demon shape arose from the corpse. All but our stalwart paladin, Vala, lost their shit and ran away.

Treasure Log of Battle with Aomak

5 gold ingots worth 1000gp
Skull of Aomak
Scroll of Magic Weapon
200 gp of assorted coins and gems
Masterwork Shortsword
Potion of Hold Portal
Potion of Lesser Restoraion (Zafira)
Potion of Cat’s Grace (Glandor)
Scroll of Protection from Good (Ripped up by Vala)


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