South Beaverton Pathfinders

Mercantile District

Last time we fought some chimeras and got some treasure. We found the corpse of a dead mage of the Aspsis Consortium. He had some notes about activating the ziggurat. Channeling positive energy should activate the spear?

The chimeras’ collected hoard is in the ruins; it consists of
gloves of arrow snaring
a potion of delay poison
a potion of water breathing
a gold goblet studded with turquoise worth 700gp
a flawless red glass orb worth 100gp
seven silver rings worth 50 gp each,
four amethysts worth 100 gp each,
five bloodstones worth 50 gp each,
15 pieces of malachite worth 10 gp each,
44 pp,
1,281 gp,
2,373 sp,
5,172 cp.

In addition, the remains of Edren Lekadnus, the Aspis Consortium, lie here where they fell after he ran afoul of the chimeras. The acid-burned skeleton still carries a satchel (actually a handy haversack) containing Edren’s spellbooks and a wand of daze monster (11 charges). The spellbooks are those of an 11th-level wizard; they are left for you to develop to fit the needs of your campaign, but should contain the fly spell.



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