South Beaverton Pathfinders

Setting Up Camp and Exploring

We spent several days setting up our camp defenses and capabilities. On our last day, before we were ready to set out we were attacked from the jungle. Lishessa talked them into coming in and having some food and drink and they told us how they came from another encampment run by the Aspsis Corporation. Two of the six joined our group but the other four went back because they were slaves.

The next day we set out to explore the city. We encountered an area of three pools. Deep wells in the limestone terrain leading to underground waterways. Near the pools were the bodies of the four mercenary slaves that left our camp the day before. We were attacked by swarms of undead army ants. The ants were controlled by the ghost Nareem. He ranted about discovering the city for the Pathfinders but never getting credit. We tried to fight him but Lishessa eventually convinced him we could get the Pathfinders to recognize his achievements.

3 Alchemist Fire bottles (Zai)
Caltrop Sets x2
Masterwork Chainshirts x2
+1 Scimitar
Comp. Short Bow +3 x2



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